Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lavish hotels. Yes. Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle, and my suite below the one Keith Richards was arrested in 22 years ago and charged with heroin possession. Oddly enough, this did not occur to me until after my return to Vancouver.

I was looking for a George Jones youtube interview when I stumbled upon a 7:43 min. clip featuring news footage of Richards' arrest, excerpts from Creem magazine, and two of the songs he recorded with pianist Ian Stewart while awaiting trial – “Say It’s Not You” and “Apartment #9”, both of which had been recorded by Jones.

The Richards/Stewart performances are stunning, bringing to mind Scotland’s Jen Hadfield, the attention she gives each word. Richards does the same, particularly on “Say It’s Not You”. But whereas Hadfield’s words emerge like precious stones, Richards’ fall like tears.

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